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The Baileys story began in Dublin, 1974. David Dand, now known as the Godfather of Baileys, had a vision for something new, something unapologetically luxurious. Inspired by the sense of change in the air, he dreamt of creating an innovative and utterly indulgent liqueur.

David began his mission to create the Baileys recipe: an unashamedly delicious blend of two of Ireland’s most delicious ingredients – rich dairy cream and the finest whiskey.

Try Baileys in the Flat White Martini:


50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

25ml Espresso

10ml Milk

Ice cubes

Pop some ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and pour in the Baileys. Add the espresso and milk. Shake it up until everything is perfectly blended and the liquid is silky smooth. Strain into a cocktail glass, finish by gently placing three coffee beans on the top of the cocktail and enjoy.

700ml Btl
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