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Mac's Love Buzz

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Our quest for interesting brews has taken us beyond beer into the world of mead. Have a taste of our Love Buzz and tell us how much you love it.

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As our debut single in the world of fermented honey, Love Buzz was our chance to set the bar for what honey mead should be, so we set the bar at about head height. To do that, of course, we needed honey. Lots of honey. No, seriously, big jars of the stuff. After months of experimenting, fermenting, tasting, tweaking and fermenting again, we narrowed our pick down from seven honeys to the trifecta of golden goodness that makes up our mead – Kamahi, Clover and Manuka. Along the way, we also carefully selected the perfect French white wine yeast. When we put it all together, the fermenting honey and yeast work their magic, turning the natural honey sugars into a deliciously flavoured, carbonated mead that clocks in at 5.5% ABV. This means that every bottle of Love Buzz has that signature ‘pop’ when you pull on the rip cap. Most importantly, there’s not a hint of malted barley in the mix, meaning Love Buzz is completely gluten free.


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    New Zealand
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    New Zealand
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    Gluten Free
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