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Mac's Feijoa and Pear

4 x 330ml
In stock

We’ve given our sparkling Feijoa & Pear soda a bit of a zhoosh with a hint of elderflower. Staying true to the original, it’s got real pears combined with delicious Kiwi feijoas, and like all our sodas, it’s also better for you, with 40% less sugar than the other so-called “leading soft drinks” out there.

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The feijoa was once described as New Zealand’s most socialist fruit, because let’s be honest, you’re more likely to pinch them from your neighbour’s hedge than get them at the shop. And when feijoa gets together with pear, well, things get even more social. It’s an all-Aotearoa party, with the tropical flavours of feijoa getting those conservative pears out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Then we drop in the attention seeking elderflower to shake things up and create a little tension. This should be fun.


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    New Zealand
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    New Zealand
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  • Unit Size:
    4 x 330ml

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