Chardonnay Region Explorer

Chardonnay Region Explorer


The cooler climate of New Zealand means that we are capable of growing high-quality chardonnay which are always full of concentrated fruit flavours but also beautifully balanced. Elegant is the perfect word to describe New Zealand Chardonnays.
Don’t forget to take your Chardy out of the fridge a wee while before you drink it, as served too cold it tends to lose the flavour complexity that makes it so special.

Contains 5 Mixed Bottles

Our picks are:
Wither Hills Benmorven Chardonnay, Marlborough
Martinborough Chardonnay, Martinborough
Main Divide Chardonnay, Waipara Valley, Canterbury
Trinity Hill Gimblett Chardonnay, Hawke's Bay
Huntaway Res Chardonnay, Gisborne


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