Emerson's Bird Dog

Emerson's Bird Dog

500ml Btl

India Pale Ale
6.5% ABV

After two years of development on tap in our Dunedin Sound Series, Bird Dog India Pale Ale is now in our 500ml bottle.

The combination of NZ and US hops in the boil, the hopback, and dry hopping, along with traditional bottle conditioning makes this true India Pale Ale a significant addition to our range.

Bird Dog has always been a tribute to The Verlaines album by the same name, and John Collie’s painting which appeared on the Bird Dog album features on the Bird Dog label.

The stand out feature of Bird Dog IPA is the cellaring for some weeks prior to each batch’s release and sold only when the flavours have developed to our satisfaction. After many trials we discovered the beer hits its peak well after bottling date, and keeps improving.
500ml Btl
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